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Porter Enlarge
Name: Porter
Father: Landwind
Mother: Amethist
Age: 12
Movie: Watch

sold  to Japan to Mr Rihei Shimada

Porter is an impressive gelding. He Measures 17 hands and one inch. He has a very friendly character.Also, he displays excellent gaits. He excels at Prix St. George level and knows the passage,Porter has a very strong passage, the piaffe is not fully developed yet. An 'easy-to-ride' horse. 


 Dear Saskia, This mail represents my thanks for selling me the brilliant horse, Porter.  Several months have passed since I owned Porter. As I am a beginner horse rider and have only one year experience, I cannot control him yet. His elegant gait impresses everyone who watches training. Sincerely, Rihei Shimada. Nakabaru, Kasemachi, Saga, JAPAN




 movies below











And here's Porter in Japan... (movie below)  

Landwind II B Landgraaf I Ladykiller xx Sailing light xx
Lone Beech
Warthburg H Aldato (Hol)
Pamir H (Hol) Fasolt (Holst) Farnese
Konradine H (Hol)
Dulia H (Hol) Felipe (Hol xx)
Zutat (Holst)
Jelina ster Amethist Nimmerdor pref Farn pref
Ramonaa ster
Paerel keu pref Erdball xx pref
Ykje a ster pref
Elina Notaris keur Courville xx pref
Vodea A ster pref
Halina keur pref (SGLDT) Roland keur
Balladina ster
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